Sunday, 24 April 2011

Gratitude – week 16

Friday was a good day. In the afternoon a friend helped me up-date my cv and gave many handy tips on how to use LinkedIn. Love learning new things and really appreciate it when friends make things a little easier. The day only got better as in the evening I was treated to a dinner at restaurant ‘de Waag’. When the dessert came they made it all special to celebrate my birthday. The dessert was brought to the table while they sang ‘happy birthday’ (in Dutch Wink). Lucky for me not too many people saw that I was blushing Embarrassed. But it wasn’t only my birthday this week. No, hubby celebrated his birthday also. Here is picture of the happy couple.

2011_04_23_family BBQ2-1

And no, you can’t have a birthday without balloons.

I’m tickled that we could have another family BBQ in the garden. It is becoming a regular thing. Saturday afternoon was absolutely beautiful. Sunny weather and around 25 degrees Celsius. What could you wish for, more?

2011_04_23_family BBQ1

I got lots of birthday cards. The postman delivered a few every day for the past couple of days. Always happy when you notice that friends remember. Actually it makes me ecstatic. Facebook is another medium to receive birthday wishes. The great thing about Facebook, they pop-up throughout the day. I’ll relish these messages till my next birthday comes along. 

Delighted with Easter weekend. We had ourselves a yummy breakfast this morning. 2011_04_24_easter breakfastWhen looking back I noticed that I’ve never voiced my appreciation for my camera. I love my Canon PowerShot SX120 IS. I wouldn’t be able to post these colourful post without my camera.

2011_04_24_easter breakfast1-1

I’m grateful to you bloggers that leave a comment but I also love you lurkers. At the moment I have around 600 visitors visiting my blog every week. Many of you are regular visitors. I would love to know who you are.  

The weekly horoscope for coming week makes me happy. You feel the winds of change blowing. If areas of your life seem stuck, you grow more determined to change them as the days go by. Where you can make a great start is within, beginning with your thoughts and emotions. As you change these and use your power of imagination to visualize what you do want, you will begin to draw it into your life. You have an option this week - either stay as you are or do something positive.

Let the new week come!!


Elisa Black said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Helen! Looks like you had a nice week.

Ruth's Place said...

Happy Birthday, looks like fun.

I also often look at my blog vists and wonder who is visiting and not commenting.