Sunday, 3 April 2011


A depiction of my two day trip.







2011_04_02_Brussels & Magnolia

As you can see Brussels is worth your visit. A beautiful town to host a congress and as you can see you can see a lot in two hours. I had a little walk around on Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon after the congress.

Friday was a long day! I spent it inside the Square Meeting Centrum from 8 am till 5 pm. Met a lot of old acquaintances from all my previous employers! From my days at the university, hospital &  ICT company. It was great meeting up with these people. But the biggest impression left on me after visiting this congress was that many people seem to have read my articles and have based their research proposals on my primary finding. My work is being carried on, this leaves me quavering. A few even came up to me to say that they were glad to finally meet me in person. Wow, who would have guessed. I seem to have left a mark!


Elisa Black said...

Beautiful photos!! Glad you got to enjoy Brussels-- it looks like a lovely city. Congrats on being so well received at your presentation and for getting positive feedback about your research!! Sounds like it was a very nice time all around!

Anonymous said...

Het moet je toch een heel goed gevoel geven om te constateren dat mensen je artikelen hebben gelezen en daar ook iets mee doen.
Weer een opsteker en een positieve ervaring rijker!

Berna said...

Wat een kick zal dit gegeven hebben, ondanks de stress vooraf. Brussel lijkt me een prachtige stad. Wie weet ooit.....
Fijne zondag!