Monday, 11 April 2011

Amish Culture

I’m fascinated! The Riddle of Amish Culture, by D. Kraybill, is a great read.

The book tells the story of how the Amish deal with progress, an outcome of modern society, and examines how Moderns, by examining Amish life, can reduce the damaging effects of alienation which is brought about by the loss of community life and the growth in individualism. A common riddle shared by both the Amish and Moderns is how to balance the needs of the community life with those of individual freedom.

I’m pondering on this question. Are we too focussed on ourselves? I think the Amish might have the right answer by shunning excessive individualism as this threatens to splinter the collective order within community life. Does individualism optimize human fulfilment? Does it satisfy our yearning for meaning, belonging and identity?

I’ll continue reading….


I’m becoming more and more curious.


Marié said...

Hi Helen I share you're interest in the Amish culture- I do see many "parallelle" and recognize many of the importance of community life in the Afrikaans community, of whom I am part.

I made a series of Amish Quilts to experience first hand and research there sence of pattern and colour use.

Todo pasa por una razon said...

Una cultura muy interesante.


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