Sunday, 24 April 2011

Alpaca Australian Wool

A little while ago my sister became the sole agent for The House of Alpaca Pty Ltd for the following countries: The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. She has her own site up and running, click here. A childhood friend of my sister and her husband started their business in 1993. Do check-out their site.

I love alpacas and love their wool. I don’t know why I like them. Must have watched too many episodes of McLeod’s Daughers Wink.  I really would have loved to have visited the Alpaca show in Westerlee today. But it is a 2 hour drive, which I really didn’t feel like taking. Naturally my sister is going. Can’t wait to see the pictures she took.

Check-out this YouTube clip. This was filmed on an alpaca farm in the northern of the Netherlands. 

Here is a clip of some alpacas having fun.

I dream of owning a herd of alpacas one day. Well maybe not a herd, four or six alpacas will make me happy. I can imagine them in our (future) paddock. I sometimes pass an alpaca farm down the road. It is a beautiful and relaxing sight seeing them grazing in the paddock. Taking care of them will be time well worth spend. Maybe I will also take up spinning and knitting than Smile. In the mean time I will just stick to quilting.

Love this picture. Got it from this site here.


This picture symbolizes new beginnings. Like most of us I too associate new beginnings with Easter and Spring. I’m also wondering where the name 'Easter' came from? It seems that pagan traditions gave us the English word "Easter" which comes from the word "Eostre". Rituals related to the goddess Eostre focus on new beginnings, symbolized by the Easter egg, and fertility, which is symbolized by the hare (or Easter bunny). The Anglo-Saxon word for April was "Eostre-monath" (the month of openings). Christians celebrate the resurrection of Christ during Pascha, which derived from the Jewish festival of Passover. Pascha was most often celebrated in Eostremonath. You see the word Pascha come back in most translations of Happy Easter.

Regardless of one's religious inclinations Easter has always been associated with Spring, rebirth, and new beginnings. It’s a time to discard the burdens of the past and to make a fresh start.

Happy Easter

Vrolijk Pasen (Dutch)

Hyvää Pääsiäistä (Finnish)

Glad Påsk (Swedish)

Pasg Hapus (Welsh)

Joyeuses Pâques (French)


Annelies vdB said...

Hele gezellige Paasdagen toegewenst !

teresa said...

I love alpaca wool too. The colours and the softness are just lovely. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I have really enjoyed reading yours!!!

Deborah said...

We have new neighbors and they have about 60 alpacas. I haven't walked over to see them up close yet (fields separate us), but being used to only cows and horses around us, those alpacas playing and running look a little funny. I'll have to go visit them. Thanks for sharing the pictures.