Sunday, 13 March 2011

Pie & Tart quilt

I have been admiring Sue Daley’s work for some time. Have you seen this quilt from Sue Daley? According to Sue herself it is easy to make. I think it looks stunning. Love the colour and fabric choices. With the DOWNLOADABLE SHAPES from Inklingo (that can be printed directly onto the fabric), it has become possible to make this quilt faster and easier. Don’t we all wish that?


I’m always one of the last ones to see a hype coming. Visiting Sue’s blog I read that there was a club you could join: the pie & tart club. Sadly, this program ran in 2009. For more information click here

On Dorry’s blog I read that Sue will be coming to the Netherlands this month. She will be giving a trunk show and a workshop. Oh, how I wished that I could go. So I opened up my diary to check the dates to see if I could. Sadly I can’t as I’ll be on my way to Brussels. I’ll be presenting a paper at a congress. If you haven’t seen Dorry’s posting do go and check it out. Let me know if you went as I would love to read about it!

Naturally, I also had to check-out Inklingo. Linda Franz has lots of free shapes on offer, but for the quilt above you have to buy the downloadable shapes.  image

This is great stuff. Check out the online store and see what more is on offer. With this tool you can print out the templates on the fabric. This is a lot easier & less time consuming than tracing around the templates. I think you can also safe on fabric. No unnecessary waste. Watch this video.

Sadly, I have lots of WIP’s that need attention, otherwise I would have bought this Inklingo for the Pie and Tarts quilt. Maybe one day! It is really a beautiful quilt. Let me know if  you are going to start with this quilt.

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