Thursday, 10 March 2011

May I present….

Drum roll please……. here is my new sewing machine.IMG_2799This morning I went early to Barneveld to Huissteden a sewing machine shop there. The service was fantastic. If you need a new machine or a second-hand sewing machine, it is definitely worth your visit. I got to practice before deciding to buy my new sewing machine. Don’t you love her? It is naturally a she Smile, it just can’t be a him. Will have to think of a name for this baby. Anyway, I got a terrific price for my Husqvarna Viking Emerald 118, which enabled me to purchase the Pfaff Select 3.0 for a really good price. I think I got a real good deal. I’m so happy!! So if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, than you need to go here

Grotere kaart weergeven

Here I’m unpacking the box. Getting ready for my first practice session. 2011_03_10_Pfaff Select 3-1

It looks pretty much like the one Mirjam has and it definitely feels the same. The high presser foot clearance makes it easy to place several layers under the presser foot. The fabric feeds simultaneously from both the top and bottom so absolutely nothing can slip (this was the main reason for the purchase). The Pfaff IDT is a fantastic invention. It’s wonderful piecing quilt blocks / fabric together. The lines / pattern even match exactly!!2011_03_10_Pfaff Select 31-1

I phoned Mirjam to tell her I got ‘her’. She was pretty quick in offering to give my flying geese blocks back so that I can sew them together myself! She was pretty adamant. I guess she needs all the time she has to get her house in order (lol). Yesterday, she mentioned that it was a mess.

There remains one question I need to ask you, what shall I name her? Love to hear your suggestions.

I’m so content with this sewing machine that I might even sew my log-cabin on the Pfaff. Who would have thought!!! I think I might even like doing patchwork on the sewing machine.   


Mieneke said...

Heel veel plezier met je nieuwe naaimachine. Het is zo belangrijk dat je een goede band hebt met je naaimachine :-) !

conny's quilts said...

Fantastisch dat je al bent geslaagd met een nieuwe naaimachine, heel veel naaiplazier met haar gewenst!

jacq said...

Heel veel naaiplezier gewenst met je nieuwe naaimachine, ik ben druk bezig met het naaien vd flying geese 53 nog 27 te gaan, en dan het compass (daar zie ik tegen op)

Ruth's Place said...

OH! Jealous! A pfaff is my dream machine. Perhaps when we move...