Saturday, 19 March 2011

Last lesson for the Medallion Sampler

Today was the day!!! Today was the last time we would work as a group on our Medallion Samplers. We learned how to baste with pins to make a quilt sandwich and we learned how to quilt the quilt sandwich with our machines.

Here are some snap shots throughout the day. 2011_03_19_Lauras Atelier_laatste les4-1In the bottom collage you see the end result of the tops. They are masterpieces.2011_03_19_Lauras Atelier_laatste les2 I always love nosing around in Laura’s Atelier. There is so much to see. Can’t wait till Laura organizes a workshop to make the Amish dolls. I think I might be one of the first to enrol. 2011_03_19_Lauras Atelier_laatste les3 Last but not least a depicting of the walk towards Laura’s Atelier. Isn’t Amersfoort a lovely town?2011_03_19_Lauras Atelier_laatste les My top isn’t completely finished yet. Today I also learned how to do the corners. Hopefully I’ll find some spare time to do this soon, so that I can finally baste this quilt. I’ll be hand quilting this quilt, although I did learn how to quilt with the sewing machine today. There is a little chance that I might change my mind as Pfaffy really does the job well, but it can’t beat the authentic look of real hand quilting!!

Will post about my progress on this quilt in the next couple of weeks. First I have to find time to work on my Dear Jane, the Log Cabin quilt and Zoë’s Quilt. As you may guess I really never have to have a dull moment or be bored. There is always some quilting to do Big Grin

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Elisa Black said...

I love the way all the medallion quilts turned out!! That must have been a fun group/class. And yes, Amersfoot looks lovely! Congrats on your beautiful project. Glad you and Pfaffy are getting along splendidly! Enjoy!