Sunday, 20 March 2011

Gratitude – week 11

Behold this beautiful sunrise. The view from my study window at 6.30 am. IMG_3111I love this time in the morning when all is quiet and you only hear the birds chirping and the buzz of the computer.

I’m pleased that I not only have my quilt MOJO back, but I’ve also re-found my balance. I’m more in touch with my “emotions” and “thoughts”. I’m reaching my optimal inner alchemy. I’m more resilient and less effected by the happenings in the outside world. Most of my energy (focus of the last 20 years) has been directed at ‘doing’—known as yang in the Taoist tradition. I need to cultivate its opposite more, yin, the energy of “allowing”. I’m appreciative towards my dru-yoga instructor for showing the way.

You might wonder how I do this. Well the last year hasn’t been easy but this helps me: positive self-talk, maintaining a gratitude journal, developing my internal locus of control, cultivate optimism, exercise, connecting with people who inspire, getting in touch with my spiritual side (enjoying the benefits of meditation). But most important, trusting the process and working through it.

I’m grateful for being able to learn new things.

I felt joyful while listening to this song by Shelly Fraley.


Carolien said...

Hello Helen,

That sounds good, the voice of your life!

Have a nice day!
Groetjes, Carolien

Elisa Black said...

Hi Helen-- What a lovely post! It sounds like you are in a really good place and your life has a good balance to it right now. Good for you for all the work you are doing to create the life that is right for you! You are working on some of the same issues I am, as far as "allowing" vs. "doing". It all goes along with being grateful, and from Buddhism-- being mindful and present in the moment, and going with the flow of life. Thanks for sharing your growth-- it is inspiring to me!
Have a wonderful week!