Sunday, 27 March 2011

Gratitude post – week 12

Thankful for another inspiring NLP – Mind Development training session. This time we focussed on Korsybski model. Structural Differential helps us to analyze the behaviour, responses, reactions, etc., of a particular individual in a specific situation. NLP investigates the way people describe/represent their perception of their inner/outer worlds (their "map of the world"). This includes the images, sounds, feelings and other aspects of the sensory experience. We focussed on the fight-or-flight reaction of individuals. Basically tonight's session helps me look at myself and what my primal reaction is in a crisis situation? It is also interesting that with this knowledge you can assess team functioning. Wednesday’s session gives another view on teambuilding. NLP reminds me that we do not in general have access to absolute knowledge of reality, but in fact only have access to a set of beliefs we have built up over time, about reality. So we come back to this quote "Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." — Shakespeare.

Grateful for the great shopping day with my mum. I was very successful. I bought a dress & jacket plus matching shoes which I can wear at the congress next week. Also bought a new bodywarmer jacket. I also bought a new sport bra! I’m still contemplating whether this is a good idea to post thisEmbarrassed

Happy that we are going onto summertime this weekend. Daylight saving time increases the number of hours we have for outdoor leisure activities. We were lucky to have had such a beautiful start to spring this week. I’m still ecstatic about the number of sunny days we had. imageI’m buoyant after having used Hubby’s iPad for the first time. A great gadget to have, although I’m coming to the conclusion that my computer facilitates me better. imageI’m trilled that I had beetroot last night. I love beetroot. Love it either warm or cold. Miss having a slice on my sandwich. Maybe I should buy this more often. Sadly, Dutch people don’t put a slice between their sandwich or burger. But I might take up this habit again. imageI’m all rosy and hyper after my yoga session last Tuesday. I’m contemplating practising yoga at home too. I’ve purchased two DVD’s from Kim Eng: Qi flow yoga & Yin yoga. Have to figure out which room I can practice in the best.

Meditation Yoga pose_1Last but not least, I’m looking forward to my trip to Brussels. Refocusing on the subject of my PhD thesis seems to be providential. This invitational could not have come at a more fortuitous time. It’s electrifying! Who knows what this might lead to.

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Elisa Black said...

Hi Helen-- Once again, a wonderful gratitude post! Thank you for sharing your gratitude and quest for personal growth as well as your beautiful quilts. It sounds like you had a very nice week! We changed our clocks back about 2 weeks ago and I love having light in the evening. We were starting to have some spring-like days here but this past week was cold again and we even had snow! But luckily, it did not damage the spring crocus and daffodils that are starting to emerge.
I did not know you were also working on a PhD thesis-- my you wear so many different "hats"! What is the topic of your thesis? Thanks again for sharing and for the inspiration-- I learn from your introspecition. Have a great weekend!