Sunday, 6 March 2011

Another blog

I’ve been busy designing and rearranging the layout of a new blog. It is amazing how much time goes into this. But than again who cares when you are having fun. Been busy since 11am and now it is around 4pm. I’m pretty happy with the result that I’ve created so far. As time goes by I will make other improvements. On the left sidebar you can see a new button on this blog. It looks like this: Dear Jane button-size100Just click on the button and you will be brought to my new blog. How do you like it so far? I’m in awe of the American civil war period. I love the repros of this period. My stash is growing and growing. At the moment, my focus is on finding replicas of fabrics from this period. I think I’m doing a good job so far. A blogger friend, Cathi, who has made a Dear Jane, will be providing me with some more repros. When she started off she had no civil war fabrics but through trading a few scraps from her own stash, her repro collection grew. Somehow, she made the whole quilt without having to buy any new fabric until she got to the binding! Amazing, what a achievement. It surprises me how generous quilters are. I wonder if I can find other Dear Jane fans who would like to swap. Still, luckily my hubby lets me buy all the fabric I can hide. Will start this week with hiding them in the Dear Jane!

I hope to get some Fat Eights of the fabric designed straight from Jane's original quilt. I’ll let you know when I found some to buy or trade for something else.

I think besides posting about the Dear Jane in progress, I will also read up on this period. First steps have been taken. Looks at the new books that were delivered this week:IMG_2689

But back onto the subject. The header was given a sepia effect, to give it an older feelHappy. Click here to have a closer look. In the table I will add pictures of my progress. This table will become useful to place the baby Dear Jane blocks in its rightful place. You can follow my progress just by looking at this diagram. This way, my Dear Jane will become a duplicate of the original. The template background as the Italic lettering is used for the same reason, to give this blog an old feel.

To help me along I also got this book and this user manual.



The software has been uploaded onto my computer last week. 

I think I’ll end this post with another quote:  Stitched with affection, quilted with care. I made this quilt with love to spare.

I’m going to continue quilting Zoë’s quilt now!

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