Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The adventures of a quilter

This will be a sad posting. Today, Mirjam and I were going to continue with our Medallion Samplers. It looked like all things would turn out ok and I might even finish the flying geese border. How things can turn around in a jiffy. I had a good practice session at Laura’s Atelier last week. This gave me hope. I really thought the sewing machine was fixed. It is fixed but it just isn’t the machine for me. It doesn’t live up to my expectations. Sewing the ‘’flying geese’’ isn’t the problem it is when you want to sew them together that you notice that this machine just can’t handle patchwork with a 1/4 inch seam allowance. This is because you can’t place the needle position completely to the right, like this:imageThe machine also has a tendency to push the fabric to the left. This is most probably because I can’t use the whole transport. There is only grip on the left side. So after sewing 10 flying geese together and noticing that all my work was for nothing as I had to unpick my work. The stroke that I did was 1,5 cm longer than the two other strokes Mirjam had made. I wanted to throw the machine through the window. I was nearly crying from frustration. Mirjam came to the rescue and helped again. But time was running out, so Mirjam went home with all my flying geese so that she can finish the job tomorrow.

Still I do have to admit we had a fun day, only I didn’t get much done. Here is a depiction of our day. 2011_03_09_mini Bee Mirjam1  I’m getting pretty good at unpicking my work with a seam ripper!!2011_03_09_mini Bee Mirjam2

After Mirjam left, I discussed my dilemma with Hubby, I was really frustrated and angry. I felt so disappointed. I’ve had it with this machine. After weighing the positives with the negatives, I’ve decided to check out another machine. Tomorrow I’m going to go to a sewing machine shop nearby. I’ve got my eye on one, just like Mirjam. I’ve got lots of practice material with me. Who knows, maybe I can post a more positive post tomorrow, because I’ll be the proud owner of a machine that can live up to my expectations.

But to end this post on a positive note, I’ll post this picture of anemones. Love them! Spring is not far away. 2011_03_09_mini Bee Mirjam-1


Berna said...

Fijn dat Mirjam je wil helpen en wat balen dat je geen schik hebt met je machine. Ik ben benieuwd of je morgen tot koop komt.
Veel succes!

Elisa Black said...

So sorry about your sewing machine frustrations-- but hopefully you'll have a new and better one on your next post!! Glad you have a friend to sew with, vent to, get support from and use her machine!! Good luck with your search-- hope you find the right one and get a good bargain. I love flying geese!! I imagine you will be totally psyched with your new machine. Can't wait to meet it!

liz said...

Sorry to hear about your 1/4" problems. I had exactly the same issue with my machine. I bet it is the same model. Even buying the expensive purpose-made 1/4" foot did not help and of course I could not return the foot. My resolution. I bought a new machine and have never looked back. I use the older machine in situations where 1/4" does not matter.