Sunday, 20 February 2011


If you want to order a issue of Vignette in the Netherlands you can go to Aztec Rose Crea & Hobby. If you want to read more about Vignette in Stitches, the mystery BOM, click here. This is the official 'Vignette' blog…. a place for stitchers to share their stitching story and passion for Leanne Beasley's wonderful magazine 'Vignette'. You can also visit Leanne Beasley’s blog and enjoy her ramblings about quilting, stitchery's, photography, retreats,  and travels. I would really love to meet her one day. Wondering when she will come the Netherlands.

Sometimes I wish I stilled lived in Australia. I would be able to meet the following other designers: Natalie, Sarah, an other Natalie, and Catharine. To name a few.

Luckily sometimes these Australian designers travel to Europe and even visit the Netherlands. End of spring Lynette Anderson will be coming to the Netherlands. I’m hoping to meet up with her, here.

Enough ramblings from me. Going to work on a presentation I have to give soon.

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