Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Update on Medallion Sampler

Today I went to Mirjam to continue with the Medallion Sampler. Sewing this Sampler together is too big of a challenge to master! I just can’t seem to get the knack. I can think of many reasons why I keep getting it wrong. I don’t think I should write down the reasons, as I’m sure you don’t want to hear them.  They are just an excuse, for the fact that my heart is not in this quilt. This quilt is associated with the not-so-happy-phase I went through last year.

I’m so lucky to have a friend who is a master quilter. So today, Mirjam is again helping me put this quilt top together.  2011_02_023

While Mirjam is sewing the blocks together, I’m making an effort sewing the flying geese together for the outer border. I’m a little afraid to tell you, but I didn’t draw the lines on the right spot. I’m guessing you are wondering why I draw lines on the pieces. I do this, to be sure I end up with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

We didn’t notice my mistake, until I had chained the first 10 pieces! Actually we did not notice until I had rotary cut the first 10 triangles from the main part of the flying geese under construction. Two hours for nothing! I can now throw away this batch and start again. Which I did. A little more frustrated, as again I have to admit this Sampler is too big of a challenge  for me.


In nearly every book the authors say - ‘take time to verify your measurements, cuts, and seam allowances in a sample block. This helps to ensure that the quilt top will piece together smoothly. A small deviation can multiply quickly across a quilt top and before you know it, becomes a difference of an inch or two’.

Since attempting to make a Sampler on the sewing machine, I’m learning this the hard way.

For a break we decided to go for lunch in a lovely restaurant in the village. I had a turkey sandwich and Mirjam a burger.


Mirjam’s Sampler is turning out really well, as you can see. You now know why she is helping me!!.


I do have to tell that this result hasn’t come easy. Many, many hours have been spent re-measuring, cutting, and sitting behind the sewing machine to get this result. I think it was worth it. It looks stunning.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention the search for more of the same fabric. This nearly killed her. The frustration of not knowing if the fabric line was going to be discontinued, made it even more frustrating.  The weeks of anticipation, and finally after many week being able to continue.

Here is a picture of today’s effort on my Sampler. Only the blocks on the right side need to be sewn together. The top will than nearly be finished!! I’m contemplating not making the outer blocks. I’ll let you know what I will decide. 


I had a lovely day and will try to find some time in the next three weeks to continue with this quilt.


PS – when I got home the postman had delivered this


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Berna said...

Hij wordt hartstikke mooi Helen en je hebt ook nog eens een gezellige dag gehad. Lekker genieten!