Wednesday, 23 February 2011

‘Twas the night before Christmas – progress report

Berna and I met up again last night. A small get-together. We were busy bee’s. She was busy copying a pattern, so that coming  Friday she would be ready to sew a large pincushion together. It looks like an easy project, as before I knew it, she picked up her quilt to do some quilting.

I was stitching away on my ‘twas the night before Christmas project. I can’t wait to show the finished top panel. Sadly, you can’t see it yet but once finished, you will see Santa is flying over de tree tops in his sleigh with his reindeers in the top panel. Yes, I’m itching & stitching for Christmas. Only 10 months & 3 days to go!!!

2011_02_22_mini bee Berna2

Some time ago, Berna got this large pincushion. Isn’t it a beauty? She is making a copy during her Friday Bee, but preparations had to be done.

2011_02_22_mini bee Berna

On a side note. When I got home from work yesterday, a package was waiting for me. This is what was inside. A Dear Jane button pin, the templates and the Dear Jane patterns on cd-rom and user-manual. As usual, I wasn’t the only one inspecting the contents. Teddy, had to look too.

2011_02_22_mini bee Berna1


Berna said...

Leuk verslag! Het was weer gezellig.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Can't wait for you to start Dear Jane! And I am so jealous of your pin cushion holder thing. It is wonderful!