Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Medallion Sampler update

2011_02_23_mini bee Mirjam

Packed the car with all my sewing stuff and off I went to Mirjam. Travelling through country lanes, seeing a windmill and a beautiful farmhouse along the way. Admiring the alpaca’s. Adding some kilometres to the odometer and enjoying the uncongested Dutch highways.

By the way, one day I hope to fulfil my dream and own a farm, like the one in the picture above, with some alpaca’s.

Today we spend another day working on our Medallion Sampler’s. Mirjam, has nearly finished the outer borders of her quilt. She only needs to fix one block and finish sewing the compass blocks. Her top will definitely be finished for our next class in March.

2011_02_23_mini bee Mirjam1

I spend my time making flying geese. 2011_02_23_mini bee Mirjam2

After getting a little frustrated because the fabric kept on being eaten by my sewing machine, Mirjam offered her machine to me. She took over my machine! It was wonderful to see, that in only a couple of minutes she had the same experience. Some words were mumbled, which I won’t repeat. We have come to the conclusion, we can’t continue trying to sew with this machine. I have high regard for Mirjam’s opinion and when she commented that there was definitely something wrong with the machine, I could only agree. I also have to admit, that I breathed a sigh of relief. It is not me, but it is the sewing machine. We packed away my machine and I sat behind hers. Look at this happy & content face behind Mirjam’s Pfaff! 2011_02_23_mini bee Mirjam3

So tomorrow Mirjam is bringing the machine to her sewing machine technician. Hopefully, he is able to solve the problem and otherwise I will have a new problem to solve. I now want a sewing machine like the one Mirjam has. Sewing is nearly effortless with this machine. I will have to find a replacement that won’t be too hard on my pocket.  It was a pleasure working on her Pfaff, I think I might even start enjoying sewing with a sewing machine. Who would have guessed.

To show that I don’t give up easy, here is a picture of the centre part of my Medallion Sampler complete. However, I didn’t do it all myself. Lots of thanks go to Mirjam. If she hadn’t helped, I would never have gotten this far.


Will end this post on a bright note. Love the sense of spring tulips can give. They give some colour in the otherwise pretty grey day2011_02_23_mini bee Mirjam4


Berna said...

Dit ziet er mooi uit Helen. Ook zo'n kleine medaillonquilt heeft z'n bekoringen. En een leuke dag gehad. Ook mooi meegenomen.

Deborah said...

Beautiful!!! I've not tried that pattern yet. My dream is to drive through a Dutch country side. So glad you had the extra machine to finish up on.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh loving your medallion sampler! And the other one too!

Carolien said...

Wow, wonderful, those sampler quilts!

Have a nice day & groetjes,