Sunday, 13 February 2011


Dream, create, happiness, peace, joy.

This weekend I was busy making this doll called Jane and dreaming lots of the Dear Jane quilt.

I bought the pattern for this doll from Atelier Bep at the patchwork & quilt days in Vijfhuizen.


2011_02_12_doll making


2011_02_13_doll making

The result

2011_02_13_doll making1

Jane’ reminds me of the dolls in the series Little House on the Prairie. Loved that show! Loved the books.

What do you think of ‘Jane’?

PS – I too am going to start with the Dear Jane, the Jane A. Stickle quilt. Will be joining a Dear Jane Group. This has been decided this weekend. First get-together will be in March. Can’t wait to meet the other quilters in this group. I expect it will be very motivating and hopefully they can give me some pointers.

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Berna said...

Wat een schattig dametje die Jane!