Friday, 18 February 2011



Don’t you just love the 4 clocks on my iGoogle homepage? It helps me know the time in Singapore, Perth and Sydney. I also have a weather widget, so that I know what kind of weather it is in Sydney (Australia), Bishop Stortford (England) and Bala (Wales).

Love the to-do-list in the right-hand corner. I also love this picture underneath. imageNaturally, I also want to know where the traffic congestion is! But I don’t really need to check this, as we always have lots of banked up traffic on our highways in the Netherlands. Especially at the times I need to travel. For example; a trip to work (45 km away from my house) means a 1 hour trip early in the mornings. In the evenings it sometimes takes 1,5 hours! However, late at night, it usually only takes 35 minutes, if there are no road works.  

You can see I also have a countdown widget. I really need to know how many more sleeps before Christmas. Have to be ready for Rudolf & Santa!! kerstmannen8

In the header I have a photo of the Blue Mountains. To cure me of my homesickness.

Do you have any other suggestions on what to add on my iGoogle page? Just leave a note.

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