Sunday, 27 February 2011

Gratitude – week 8

I’ve got my quilting mojo back!!! I’m really, really thankful for this. I’m enjoying the process more and feel less pressured about how long it takes to reach my goal. This saying is slowly becoming true: I only think about quilts on days that end in "Y."

I’m blessed with having such beautiful nieces. Love who they are becoming. Their primary traits, is what the world really needs.


They came for a visit last Friday. They left with my stuffed Ikea Kangaroo. Joey, is really big!! There was hardly any room for him in the car. But, Zoë wasn’t to be deterred. He was coming along. 

image My niece, Zoë, is really becoming a good negotiator. I wonder, if I will ever get him back.

I’m all dreamy, after Hubby send me this video clip of my hero Mark Webber. I want one too! (you can guess if I mean Mark or the Porsche).  Just looking at the 911 GT2 RS makes me happy. Hubby can drive it. I’m not good in bends. My vestibular system is a little off.


Delightful with my progress on the crosstrainer and rowing machine. Had 3 good workouts this week. Nearly able to adapt my exercise program. I’m aiming to workout 5 times a week. It is hard to change one’s behaviour.  But perseverance is a highly developed trait.


esblack said...

Glad you got your quilting mojo back!! I'm waiting for mine to return-- its been MIA (missing in action) for a few weeks now. I love your weekly gratitude posts (and the regular ones, too)-- I have a niece named Zoey, too! I added a new button on my blog page that has a short gratitude quote-- it's free from (I think-- may have to double check)-- you said you love buttons and they have a variety of charming ones for free, so you might want to check it out. Congrats on working out regularly-- good for you!! Happy Quilting!

Ruth's Place said...

Glad your quilting mojo is back. Mine is ailing a little...

esblack said...

Hi Helen--
This is my 2nd comment (a day later)-- and I see now that you already have the gratitude button (and a couple others) from!! Too funny. I didn't know how to contact you one-on-one, so I'm leaving another comment-- I wanted to ask if I can borrow your idea for a weekly gratitude post? I will give you credit, if you'd like, that I got the idea from you. Also, for your quote buttons: do you create those yourself, or do you have a source for them?
Please get back to me when you have a chance. Hope you're having a great day!! It's rainy and gray, but mild temps here on the East Coast of the US.