Sunday, 13 February 2011

Gratitude – looking back on week 6

Noticed the little mess-up in the header? It seems I haven’t been counting the weeks right.  Actually my calendar options in Outlook wasn’t set right.  This post is about week seven, oops 6 (6th  - 13th of February). Silly me, for not noticing this before. Silly you, for not mentioning this. A wise lady told I wasn’t wrong at all. Therefore lots of strikethroughs in this post.  I’ve set-up Outlook correctly now, I think!

This has been a difficult week, learning lots of new things about myself and others. I’m really making an effort to focus on the positive.

I’m thankful for the new insight in participation law. Especially, on speakers' committee law. It seems employees have more ways to have their voice heard. Collaboration enables us to strengthen our voice. It widens our reach. It empowers collective clout to change policies within organizational units. Yes, we can!


I’m thankful for being able to work on a dream and make it true (create).

I’m thankful for being able to manage my spending spree a little better. This is what I contently ask myself when browsing inside shops and tempted to buy something:

  • do I need it?
  • will I use it?
  • can I afford it?
  • is it worth it?
  • have I checked if it’s cheaper anywhere else?

I’m thankful for all you guys. Or should I say gals? You write such lovely posts. I love your blogs. I now follow 304 bloggers. I’m amazed sometimes by your stories. Love your works and dream of the day that I can make a similar quilt. Love it when you leave a note.

I’m thankful for my hay fever as that means spring is nearly upon us. At least here in the northern hemisphere. I’m allergic to tree pollens. Flowering trees pollinate just before they start to blossom. And when we see tree blossom we know this means spring!! Because of this allergy I’ve also developed an oral allergy to certain fruits (cherries & apples) and nuts (primarily hazelnuts). The symptoms aren’t too bad, and usually I only suffer for about 4 weeks, mainly in the mornings. Will need to re-order my meds. After the 4 weeks, I can enjoy spring and summer.

IMG_2177There is still a spot for me! I’m thankful that I’m able to join a Dear Jane group. The first bee is next month. I too will be making a replica of the Jane A. Stickle quilt.


Making a happy dance at the moment. Will be posting more on this subject soon. 

Dream, Create, Joy.


Ellen said...

Heel veel plezier met je DJ! Het is een fantastische quilt om te maken. Bij mij wordt het een meerjarenproject, maar ondanks dat ik al wat jaren bezig ben, werk ik er nog altijd met veel plezier aan.

dq said...

Oh, please keep posting any Dear Jane progress once you get started. I began one last summer and need some encouragement.

Lovely blog!