Friday, 11 February 2011


Out of the blue I decided to go to the Patchwork & Quilt days in Vijfhuizen. I needed to escape, I needed a distraction, I needed a break! So off I went around 9.30 am. Grey skies and lots of rain on the way. There was some banked up traffic due to 4 car crashes (what is it with rain? you would expect that Dutch people are used to this kind of weather. People just don’t keep a safe distance when driving fast. Some of us are still not used to the fact that nearly all of the Netherlands is banked up with traffic between 6.30 till 10am and 3 pm till 6.30 pm. Why even try to attempt driving fast? I expect the insurance companies are being kept busy today. No people were hurt, for those that are worried). After 1,5 hours I arrived in Vijfhuizen. I didn’t expect a trip to the outback, but as you can see, for those who are going tomorrow or the day after, take your Wellies (rain boots).


I will have to go to a carwash before Monday!

Had to stand in a queue for a while.


I walked around and saw some of my favourite shops: Petra Prins Patchwork & Quilting, Quilt it & Dotty and Atelier Bep. I saw lots of amazing quilts. Here is a collage of some of the quilts hanging in Vijfhuizen.


More quilts


And, some more quilts.


As you can see, there are not many people in the photos. They were all looking at the booths for fabrics, notions, sewing machines and other quilt related products.

Supergoof had a display for all her quilts. They are absolutely awesome. I could hardly keep my eye of the Dear Jane and the Nearly Insane quilts.



I really love the ‘huizenquilt’ – the quilt with the red houses. For more information check-out this badge.


I didn’t buy much, two Australian Homespun Magazines and a pattern for ‘Jane’ the Amish doll. A pattern from Atelier Bep. I was able to find the pattern for baby Jane, here, but I can’t find the pattern of Jane online in her webshop. I could have bought more but I don’t like crowds, I definitely don’t like queuing and I hate pushy ladies who think they should be served first. Manners ladies, do remember your manners. 


To end my post, I will leave you with this collage of these stunning quilts. Love the little miniature quilts hanging on the washing line. They give a small 3D effect! Forgot to look who designed these quilts and who made them.



Berna said...

Wat een boel moois was er te zien. Goed dat je bent gegaan. Ik verheug me op zondag!
Goed weekend!

Shelly said...

Thank you for the photos of all those gorgeous quilts. I love reading quilt show posts. ^^