Saturday, 26 February 2011

Dear Jane - update


Today I went shopping to buy the background fabric for my Dear Jane. Seven yards is a lot of fabric. For those who are used to the metric system, this converts to 6.40 metres. The 7 yards went into the washing machine, straight after I got back. Within 2 hours, I was able to hang it up to dry. I had some trouble hanging up 7 yards of fabric on our clothes rack. This clothes rack hangs on the door. It is a Dutch invention. I don’t suppose you see them everyday, unless you live in the Netherlands. You can buy them at our Hema, a large retail store.

image It is very practical this ‘droogrek’, especially when it is raining like today. The wash is dry within a day. Tomorrow I can iron the fabric and fold it away for a little while.


Berna said...

Mooi stofje Helen voor je DJ-achtergrond.

Annelies vdB said...

Mooie stof ! Heel veel succes !