Sunday, 16 January 2011

My weekend

The weekend has once again disappeared in a blink.....last time I looked it was Saturday morning......and here it is Sunday night already.  I did a lot yesterday: went shopping for food real early in the morning, came home and unpacked the groceries, pottered around the house, vacuum cleaned because I dropped a needle, hung up 3 small loads of washing, folded two loads of towels, ironed hubby’s shirts, the pyjamas and lots of other clothing, did some quilting in the afternoon and evening and finished a book (Sarah’s Key). Never found the needle, so we had shoes on all weekend (except in bed).

Sunday morning, I cleared my desk in the study and got my finances in order. Just before lunch I tried driving on the Nurburgring with GT5. Hubby has recently gotten the Driving Force GT. It was an experience! However, I’ve concluded I’m not cut-out for driving on the Nurburgring, even if it is a simulator. Was feeling very nauseous, sick!! Needed to lie down afterwards. I felt so dizzy!! I think my vestibular system is  a little off because of all those bends. Or should I be saying that my sensory system is sending the wrong signals to my brain. I don’t have any problems going fast, in a straight line. Still, I didn't do too bad, my average speed was about 50km per hour and I got around half a track!! And, this is only my first time!!!

IMG_2166In the afternoon, I quilted some more while watching a movie. We watched The Diplomat.


It had the most strangest ending. To be truthful, I think they forgot filming the end. They left me hanging, when Ian Porter runs away after an agent and his wife were killed.  I’m wondering if we only saw part one. Will check this out. Loved the scenes from Sydney and those of (most likely) the Blue Mountains. Loved hearing the Aussie accent.

Just before tea I made myself a new header for this blog. It turned out pretty well if I do say so. I’m liking Picasa 3 and Adobe Photoshop more and more. Trying to figure out how these tools work isn’t easy....but loving  them nevertheless. I’ve most probably only discovered about 2% of all the possibilities. I hate manuals but slowly realising I either start reading them or do a course. I really like pimping-up my blog. If you have any suggestions, on which courses to sign-up for or which graphic software to get, I’d love to hear from you.

We had ovenbaked potatoes and sausages for our tea. Naturally I had some  green beans with that.  No dessert but a nice Americano.

Did some more quilting on Zoë’s quilt after dinner. I’m pretty impressed with my progress this weekend.


I also got the outlines of two blogs worked out. Will post them sometime this week. I really spend a lot of time contemplating what to write and how to write it. This contemplating encompasses everything from topics, to word choice, to what is appropriate to write on my blog. Maybe I spend too much time pondering.

It was a busy but very satisfying weekend. Going to bed now and catch some ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ.

PS - let me know what you think of my new header.


Berna said...

Goed gedaan met je header. Ziet er fleurig uit. Zoë kan daar alleen al trots op zijn. ;)
De quilt schiet al lekker op zo te zien. Je gaat lekker.
En ja, wat zijn die weekenden veel te snel voorbij. Werkse van de week en tot gauw! Laat je nog even horen of je hierheen komt of dat je mij bij jou verwacht?

Ruth's Place said...

The quilt looks like it's coming along really well!