Friday, 28 January 2011

Mini Quilting Bee

As some readers already know, I met up with a quilter friend last night. Berna showed these awesome quilt tops. I’m always amazed how some people are able to create time to make these beautiful works.

2011_01_27_little Bee Berna2-1 Some weeks ago I let on that I wanted to start on ‘twas The Night Before Christmas’ quilt, as I’m itching for that Christmas mood.

2011_01_27_little Bee Berna1-1Here I’m tracing the pattern on the fabric. At the end of the evening the top border had been traced. I can start stitching!! Berna is working on a ‘non Christmas’ related project. But it seems she is having this itching feeling, so who knows she might join me in making this quilt.

2011_01_27_little Bee Berna-1

The new issue of Christmas 365 arrived yesterday!  So you can imagine I’m itching for Christmas even more! Coincidences doesn’t exist, as you can see. Very clever of Mark Lipinski to post this issue so that it would arrive on the day that I planned to start on this project.

I’ve noticed that so many of you are already preparing for Christmas 2011. There are even some online Bee’s you can join.

I’m bringing the merry back – to my spirit, to my quilting, to my life.

I’m creating new memories and having fun.

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Berna said...

Het was gezellig. Heb je je eerste steekjes al gedaan?

Goed weekend Berna