Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Medallion Sampler

Mirjam and I decided a little while ago to pick up our Medallion Samplers, which are PhD’s (=projects half done). The deadline to have the top finished is pretty close, so we thought it would be better to plan a couple of dates to work on this project.

Remember Mirjam’s Medallion Sampler? A beauty isn’t it?


I’m amazed how many blocks she has already done for the border. Sorry forget to take pictures because while we were admiring our works we noticed that my Card Trick blocks didn’t quiet fit. I just wasn’t precise enough. Although we both agree that this is mainly due to my sewing machine. We had a tedious work-out. We practically had to undo all 4 blocks. We both agreed that it would be a costly mistake to leave it as it is. Here is an impression of our efforts.


I mainly unpicked my earlier works and cut fabric for the blocks under re-construction and Mirjam using her better sewing machine and sewing skills was busy sewing the card trick blocks back together again. Five hours later, 4 blocks have been re-constructed!!


I’ve concluded that my sewing machine is not suitable for sewing tiny winy blocks together, especially when precision is needed. I think I need to start saving for a better one. Maybe I can trade-in my machine for a sewing machine that is more suitable for patchwork & quilting. If I asked your advice on what I should get, what would your answer be? Mirjam, thinks I should get a machine with double transport (upper and lower). I want one where you can change the position of the presser foot /needle position so that I can manipulate the stitching position.

Hope to find some time coming weekend to finish the flying geese border. I might even make an attempt in sewing all the blocks together. In two weeks time, Mirjam and I will continue with our projects. Deadline is approaching fast!!! Half March the top needs to be finished. Will we make the deadline?

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Berna said...

Jullie gaan die deadline halen, vast en zeker. Komen jullie dan weer bij elkaar bij Laura om ze aan elkaar te showen? De exemplaren van jullie beiden zijn in elk geval prachtig!!
En een advies voor een naaimachine kan ik je niet geven. Ik heb een heel goedkope Singer uit een aanbieding van nog geen 100 euro bij een grote drogisterijketen en voor mij naait die (voorlopig) goed genoeg. Wel hoor ik enthousiaste verhalen over de Bernina naaimachines. Ik hoop dat iemand anders je een beter advies kan geven. Succes!