Friday, 14 January 2011

I’m reading……

I think I’m  one of the last persons who has picked up this book to read. So many seem to have already read it. If by chance you are one of those who hasn’t and you want a book that you just won't be able to put down, then Sarah's Key is definitely the one that will keep you turning the pages!


I started reading it about a week ago, after finishing one of Dan Brown’s books, The Lost Symbol. Which was another page turner, but calling upon different emotions.

So dash to the library or bookstore and grab a copy of Sarah's Key. Maybe you can lend a copy from a friend. You never know!

I’m going to put her new book on my birthday wish list! For those Dutch readers, I understand it has already been translated and available in your local bookstores.


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Anonymous said...

Je hebt me nieuwsgierig gemaakt naar het boek van Tatiana de Rosnay: Haar naam was Sara.
Toen ik vanmorgen in de boekwinkel was, heb ik het meteen gekocht.