Saturday, 22 January 2011

Gratitude – week 4

This week I’m thankful for

  • early morning light. I’m noticing that the days are becoming longer again.


  • our home. Being able to live in this beautiful house.
  • celebrating my mum’s birthday
  • that all my efforts past year were not in vain. My blood pressure & blood levels are back to normal (according to GP). It seems my new life style agrees with me.  The low salt diet & exercise (cardio-fitness) plus yoga have paid off. To be truthful I feel great.

According to The Universe

Always speak of the past, gratefully. Of the future, excitedly. And the present, with bobbing eyebrows and a Cheshire grin.

Hear, hear!!

Love celebrations, love tales from the Celtic culture. It is nearly Imbolc, the start of spring according to the Irish. Imbolc falls midway between the winter solstice (Yule) and the spring equinox (Ostara).

These events are from the Wheel of the Year.


Wouldn’t this be a lovely quilting design for a quilt?

The wheel of the year, beginning and ending with Nos Galan Gaeaf (welsh) or Samhain as it is more commonly known (on the 1st of November), when the Earth begins to go dark and when the goddess goes underground; it turns full circle through the waxing light of Spring to the Summer Solstice, then through the waning light until Yule (winter Solstice), when the spark of fire is rekindled at Imbolc (Gŵyl y Canhwyllau - welsh), around the 2nd of February, when the sun begins to return. 

It makes me happy that the days are slowly becoming longer again and the sun shows it self more.

Day light today

Sunrise at 08:36
Sunset at 17:08
Length of day 8h 31m 57s

On Imbolc the 2 February 2011
Sunrise at 08:21
Sunset at 17:28
Length of day 9h 07m 38s

In 3 months time on the 22 of April 2011, my birthday!
Sunrise 06:29
Sunset 20:50
Length of day: 14h 21m 23s

Love long days!!

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