Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Clover mini iron II

I would really like this!


I’ll be putting these things on my birthday wishlist.

  • EU8003 Mini Iron II The Adapter(EU Version) =
    € 49,00
  • 9103 Adapter Iron Tip(Large) = € 9,00
  • 9109 Cooling Stand = € 19,50
  • 8006 Mini Iron II Tote Bag = € 9,75

This websites get me drooling. Click here on Hinterberg Design. I lurk around, but so far haven’t bought it. I would love this Heritage Hand Frame, yes the 93’’ one (which is 236 cm). That should enable me to finish those big quilts that are laying around to be quilted. They ship to the Netherlands!! I’m mentioning this in case someone reads this and wants to order it for me (lol). But as you can see this frame does not come cheap. I think this is an cheaper option.



But I will have to go to my local lumber store to get some extra wood for the trestle and poles, to complete this large contraption. Will need someone’s help to assemble it! Who might this be??

Would love to know your experience with these items? Is it as handy as I think it might be. Would love to know. Leave a comment please.

My birthday wishlist is getting bigger and bigger!!

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solomi558 said...

I have been a quilter /patchworker for many years . I don,t own or use a mini iron but I have seen people be careless with them and burn their work--cottonreel