Saturday, 1 January 2011

Civil War Quilts – some historical information

Thanks to Tara from Tazzie Quilts I came upon two sites I’d never come across before. Both are about historical quilts, especially on Civil War Quilts.

To visit the first site, click here. To visit the blog on Civil War Quilts, you can click here.

During this anniversary year you'll find a true story each week about the people who lived at the time of the Civil War. Read their words from their diaries, letters and memoirs as you make a quilt block. Barbara has published the first block here.  The temptation is great, but I won’t join in. I’ll put this project on my bucket list.

However, I will read these blogs regularly. I’m sure some other quilters will now check this out also.

To be a quilt historian, wow, awesome! Do check out her site. On her site you can find lots of books on the history of quilting. I’ll be putting some of these books on my wishlist. Have you already checked out the reproduction fabrics she has designed? You must do that too.

Thanks Tara, for publishing this find.

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Tazzie said...

You are so welcome Helen. I can't wait to start the project, I've admired Barbara Brackman's work for such a long time.
Happy New Year.