Saturday, 8 January 2011

Art & flowers

Saturday I met up with my mum and aunt in Friesland, a province in the Netherlands. We first went to Rinsma Fashion Plaza in Gorredijk to see if we could benefit from the winter sale. It was my intention not to buy anything, I was just tagging along so that I would be able to find the flower shop that everyone is talking about. It seems that the owner is very creative and makes beautiful flower arrangements. I wanted to see for myself and maybe get something for a vase I’ve got.

But back to my first subject in this post. I bought something, even though I really, really, didn’t intend to spend any money today.  Remember, one of my New Years intentions was to spend less, so that I my piggy bank could grow.  Well the temptation was too great, I bought a cardigan, but it was half price!


I guess it will take a little longer before I can say my piggy bank is full!

After our shopping spree and lunch, we got into the car and drove to Mildam. A very small village, which I’m sure I would never have found if my mum and aunt didn’t drive in front of me. We drove through lots of narrow county lanes.

IMG_2055 Still, I could have used my SatNav GPS, but this was fun too.

Trienke Reitsma really understands the art of flower arranging. Look what she did with this vase.




It looks real, doesn’t it? It’s not however. They are fake, although a nicer name is artificial. In this vase you find imitations of natural flowers, branches, figs and leaves, arranged in this creative floral arrangement. Won’t have to buy real ones for a while. I can wait till spring. And, still have the feeling & look of spring.

Do you want to see more of her creative works, visit her site here.

I’m sure to go back, maybe even follow a workshop flower arrangement.

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