Saturday, 4 December 2010

Winter Wonderland

Of all the days to go up north, I had to pick the day that there was lots of snow.  The first two hours was easy going. I even checked the weather forecast before I left and there was no mention of snow. Once I got there, guess what the weatherman said on the radio: ‘lots of snow expected in the north east of the Netherlands’.  Guess the weatherman back home wasn’t able to predict too far in advance. Or didn’t I listen well?

For those who aren’t regular followers of my blog, my mum had a hip replacement 3 weeks ago. The reason for me being up north was to change her bed linen and bring the much needed groceries from the supermarket.

This was the view from her living room. Can you see the snow falling?


This is the view of my car, once I got the snow off to go home.

Driving back home



IMG_1280The view once I got onto the highway. 


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