Sunday, 5 December 2010

Magazines & state of mind

It was that time of the month again. Lots of magazines were being delivered by the postman.

IMG_1156 IMG_1273

IMG_1310I’m also reading this magazine. Nothing quilt related!

IMG_1311Getting into Yoga! I like it, although some positions & moves aren’t that easy. I’m seem to have muscles in places, where I didn’t think I had any! But yoga helps me get into a better ‘state of mind’.

I also read Oprah’s online Magazine sometimes. This caught my eye ‘Are You On the Right Course?’ I’ve being searching for my answer for some months now. The dream is a lifetime of smooth sailing, but the reality is that sometimes we run aground. This has happened to me!!

Martha Beck helps three women find the power to discover what really floats their boats.

A joyful life isn't about others; it's about the brightness that is associated with being alive. Your path to it is through anything that replaces thinking with pure flight, pure joy. Following the R2-D2 response will put you into position to do mighty deeds. But that's a by-product of embracing joy, whether it comes from skating, quilting, or pickle-making.

I need to find what gives me joy or at least admit to myself what gives me joy. I need to focus more on my R2-D2 response.

R2-D2 was the normally obedient little robot in Star Wars who suddenly "malfunctioned" to deliver a secret message.


This is how our superpowers often show up. It may happen to you in large ways or small; you're just puttering along, then unexpectedly find yourself studying Turkish or buying jodhpurs or moving onto a houseboat. It just seems to happen, the way your heart beats and later your mind notices.

According to Martha Beck I need to drop the perceptual lens that says, "Impressing others will make me happy." Every person looks through her/his own particular sort of distorting lenses. I recognize myself here: the fuzziness isn’t in the surroundings but in the way I look / see / perceive things. I’m busy peeling away my illusions until my superhero identity emerges.

I think I know who my superhero is!!

I am The Self-Deprecator.

Wondering if my self-diagnosis is right. Will let you know more next week after my therapy session.



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