Saturday, 18 December 2010

Got a New Year’s lottery ticket!!

Got a lottery ticket from the boss!


At the moment it is hanging in our Christmas tree.


If luck is on my side I’ll have a chance off winning 27,5 million euro’s on the 31st of December. What would I change if I don’t have to worry about spending too much & getting into debt. 

Well first I would buy a farm. With a drive-way looking like this:


Than I would renovate it so that we have a large live-in kitchen. Something like this. Naturally it will have a large range. Will have to look into that. Don’t know what I would really want at the moment.  All those chooses.


It will, naturally have a large table, fitting at least six. It will have chairs that when I sit, my feet can reach the ground.

I would also want a large quilting room. Thankfully, there is lots of information on the web to find-out  ‘How to Set up a Quilting Space’. Will have to look in to this. In the quilting room, you will find a large quilting frame, a spinning wheel, a design wall, large table for cutting & a large table for sewing, and a quilting chair. Is there a picture starting to appear in your mind? Oooo, I will have a separate study.

Getting this ticket has definitely got me dreaming.

Instead of getting 4 alpaca’s, I will get 20.



To take care of them I will have to hire a carer for the alpaca’s. Before I forget, I will also get some new knitting needles, so that I can knit things from the hand spinned alpaca wool. Can’t wait to see my alpacas grazing on our own fields.

Isn’t he cute?


To have an excuse to transport them, I will have to buy a Range Rover, with bull bar & tow hook.


It is the most expensive car in the range of Land Rover’s, but who cares, I have 27 million euro’s to spend.

I will also need to hire a gardener. Naturally I will help, but I will also keep on working, even though I will bring that back to three days! I do want to leave my mark on health care. Can’t forget that I also need to have some spare time to quilt. I think I can manage everything if I work for 3 days, farm for 2 and be able to be creative in the remaining 2.

Some practical things, that remain necessary. Will get the lounge & sitting chairs upholstered.  Will get a replacement for the guest bed. Will also get a large jacuzzi for outside and build a big BBQ area for all those family & friends gatherings I will organize.

I think I will have some money left, after this spending spree. I will buy hubby 3 porsches of his liking. When I proposed this, he had to think real hard to decide on which ones he wanted. I was completely flabbergasted. After some thinking he came up with four!!

image image

The Carrera GT

the 997 GT3 RS

image porsche 964rs

The 993 Turbo-S

the 964 RS

picture from Hubby’s collection


I’ll let him choose, but I decide on the colors! Naturally they will all be in black biggrin

I guess I will also have to spend a little more and build a big garage to fit these cars.  I don’t think it will look like this:


I will than buy my mum a new home & car. Unless she prefers her home to be renovated. Can’t forget my sister’s family, they will also get a new home, if they want it. I’m not sure if my in-laws want to move,  but if they do I will buy them a new home too.

When adding this all up in my head, I think I still have some money to spare. At least 15 million!!! Will put that in the bank although it is hard to find a bank with morals these days. After all it is my money and not theirs.

I think life will get a little better when I win the 27,5 million, but I have to conclude; I’m on my way to fulfilling my dreams without the 27,5 million! Still it would be nice if I win a small amount and be able to fulfil my dreams quicker. 


JW said...

Can we have a little drift track in the back garden? Or a race track? ;-)

Miranda said...

Like a lot :-)

Anonymous said...

Ik hoop dat deze droom geen bedrog zal zijn, op naar de miljoenen! Mirjam