Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Glancing back at 2010

Christmastime gives one a chance to look backward and forward to reset oneself by an inner compass (May Sarton).

On hind site this has been a very turbulent year. A year that hopefully won’t be repeated again quickly.

2010 has been a year of uncertainty, fear, anger, and disillusionment.  I’ve lost my trust and connectivity! And I’ve definitely lost some of my business innocence.

It seems that my personal values don’t always match up with those people around me.

Here is a list of the values that are important to me.

accomplishment leadership
accountability loyalty
challenge money
collaboration openness
commitment personal growth
connection punctuality
continuous improvement quality of work
democracy reliability
discovery security
diversity stability
fairness succeed (a will to ..)
faithfulness teamwork
family tolerance
hard work trust
honesty unity

I haven’t put an order on these values, that is why they are alphabetized, but I’ve summed up the most important ones for me. You might not see your personal values in this list. Just Google and you will be able to find more. Would love to know which values apply to you.   

I’m sure 2011 will be different. I can’t help reading my yearly astrology forecast, according to one, the next 14 years will be the best yet. I’ll let you know in 2025 if they were right! I’ll be 60, I can’t believe it. I hope when looking back in 2025 that I’ve learned not to let my work control me. But that I controlled the direction that I wanted to go to. This means I need to create a work environment that is inspirational to me. I need to learn to be more honest to my superiors about what I want, apposed to doing what they want. I also need to learn to take an emotional risk once a while. Be more open and authentic in my communication, especially to my peers when giving them feedback.

I learned – that being creative & understanding things (insight) is important to me. Both in my personal as working life. Personal growth is another important value.  I’ve learned that I don’t handle insecurity well. I’ve learned that my view of things are very insightful for others. My diagnostic skill aren’t half bad.

I created –  lots of PhD’s (=projects  half done). To name a few; Zoë’s Quilt, Star Quilt and The Medallion quilt. I’ve even created more WiP’s (= works in progress); the logcabin quilt, the kaleidoscope quilt, the feathered star quilt, and Jordbærstedet’s Advent wall hanging. Did I forget one?

I found – that I’m a natural achiever. However, I’m  cautious, stable and determined. I’m task orientated and care for people on an individual basis. I don’t like speaking in front of crowds. I like to get the job done and do it right through small groups, as opposed to large teams. I don’t need to be in the limelight.

I cried – a lot this year.

I laughed – at practically nothing. I lost my MOJO.

I celebrated – finding myself again, fulfilling my needs apposed fulfilling the needs of others, and being able to dream again.

I travelled – only once this year and that was to England. But I made a long journey mentally.

I spent – hours, days, weeks pondering about what I really want out of my working life.

I watched – with amazement the seasons changing from winter, to spring, to summer, to autumn and winter again. February 2011 2010 seems so far away.

I remember – my grandmothers passing and that of others.

Remembrance is like a candle, burns brightest at Christmastime.

Charles Dickens.

I put – myself in therapy and am learning yoga. Putting my thoughts into words is very therapeutic and insightful.

I made  - a decision

I dream – of making my mark & being less dependent on the opinions of others for my happiness.

In 2011 I’m going to step outside my box and live my best life yet!

Happiness lies in the joy of achievement

and the thrill of creative effort.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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quilts said...

You got me thinking! thanks, I need to make my list. May 2011 take hold of you and treat you right! BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE! That's my motto. Merry Christmas!