Friday, 3 December 2010


There was some ambiguity about when the last quilt class would be. At the end of last season, we were told that it would be the 9th. But during summer break it was changed to the 2nd of December. This was mailed to us, but we can now conclude that none of us had read it.

It was only because my quilt teacher e-mailed me last Monday, requesting that I bring my feathered star quilt to class to show someone, that I noticed something was up.

Anyway, so I went yesterday, but only three other class members also turned up and a guest, and this was only because we had contact in the past two days because of the unclarity. Our teacher phoned the other two during class, and guess what, I wasn’t the only one who thought class would be next week. Sadly, they weren’t able to make it at such late notice. 

Show & tell

A advent calendar

IMG_1235A funny Moose StitcheryIMG_1236A appliqué Christmas  Advent CalendarIMG_1237A log-cabin baby quilt in progress IMG_1238 A Christmas wreath in progress

IMG_1247 Lots of little cotton-wool filled rectangle sacks

IMG_1249Another large Christmas wreath. Awesome! 

IMG_1268My feathered star blocks. Another UFO!!! 

IMG_1251 Lots of concentration going on here.

IMG_1262Admiring someone’s work. A paper-piecing & appliqué biblical Christmas quilt. 


A close-up. Stunning.

IMG_1258Some of us are having a ‘senior moment’. A magnifying glass comes in handy at such times.

IMG_1260Here is ‘me’ tracing / copying the log-cabin pattern. 

IMG_1267 One of the quilters bought this beautiful thread pack.

IMG_1261 Tineke is cutting some fabric for her wreath.


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