Sunday, 28 November 2010

Weekend journal

Outside my window


Do you see the frost on the roof? It is 0 degrees!!!  I love this time of the year, especially when the sun shows itself and you have clear blue skies.

I am loving….. the little birds that come and feed themselves. It amazes me that I still hear them chirping. It is pretty cold outside! If I want to see them, I have to go to the window and look outside. But this is what I see.

IMG_1228 I am wearing…. my new cardigan and t-shirt with my old jeans


I bought it while I was staying at my mum’s place last week. My days as a caregiver have finished. It wasn’t very strenuous.  I had a very relaxing week. Between the chores I had enough time to relax and enjoy being with my mum. On one of my daily shopping sprees to the supermarket, I popped in one of the clothes shops in the village where she lives, and saw this cardigan. I love it. It has three shades of blue.

On another spree, I bought the wooden Christmas tree you see in the picture. At night you burn a candle behind it and you get this lovely silhouette effect of a Christmas tree. Haven’t been able to capture it on a photo, but you understand what you will see.

I am reading…… as I mentioned in a previous post, I took a lot of books with me to my mum, but to be truthful I only read a couple of pages of this book.  imageI am wondering… about nothing. Does that mean I’m living in the NOW???

I am grateful for…. that all is going well with my mum. She is practically self sufficient, only needs a little help.  She can already walk around the block with crutches. We practiced every day last week. Still it felt a little strange leaving her by herself yesterday, although I know she can take care of herself. Still, as she is housebound, she is reliant on friends and my sister for company for the next 4 weeks.  But I don’t need to worry that she won’t have any visitors, as someone is coming over everyday. Her appointment book is planned full for the next two weeks!

Have to share… this bunch of flowers I got.


I got it from my sister, who wanted to show her appreciation.

I am pondering on…. “Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are.” Bernice Johnson Reagon. Well the challenges I faced this year paralyzed me for a while! I’m still wondering why it affected me so strongly. But one thing is true in this quote, I’m discovering who I am and I can truthfully say I don’t feel paralyzed any longer. I’m ready for my next challenge!!

From my picture journal…..




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