Friday, 5 November 2010

Stitching for Christmas

Another pattern has been posted!! This time Joke has the honour. It is the sixth pattern.


To be truthful I haven’t met Joke before. I haven’t come across her on the web, either. It was only when I visited Ellie’s Quiltplace, that I found Joke’s blog – Jookies weblog. You can find it here.  You can also download the pattern there. I had to read her post twice. I first got the impression this was going to be her last post, just when I came across this blog. But I should have read that this was the most difficult one, she had ever created. What caused all the confusion: ‘Zo, dit was mijn lastigste berichtje ooit!’. I’m sometimes a little dyslectic, especially when reading Dutch.

In the next three weeks, three more patterns will be published. On the 12th of November Barbara will publish hers, on the 19th the 8th pattern from Sandra will be published and on the 26th of November Janine will publish the last one.

How are you fairing?

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