Friday, 5 November 2010

Patchwork & quilt class – log-cabins

What is happening in class today? Jannie is trying to decide how she wants this baby quilt to turn out. It is fun putting the little blocks in different order and seeing how it might look. Amazing how a small change will change the whole appearance. Don’t you just love the little teddy bear blocks in this baby log-cabin quilt to be?

2010_11_04Matty is also in the designing phase. It seems she already had made a go of it at home, she had the pictures to prove it. ‘How did I place them again’. The camera is a great memory tool. Just look and check.

2010_11_042 The others are lagging a little behind. Still, don’t the blocks look terrific?

2010_11_043For some the log-cabin quilt isn’t enough. Matty and Tineke are also making a One Block Wonder quilt. Wow, don’t they look amazing?

2010_11_041 IMG_0969As I hadn’t made much progress on my log-cabin blocks, I decided to take Zoë’s quilt along for ‘show & tell’. You will need to check out my progress on the quilting in a previous post.


Tonny finished this project.

IMG_0973 And this one!


These two wall hangings (the one’s above) will be on display in the Quilt Cellar (Quiltkelder), real soon.

Had to take a picture of this wreath. Which reminds me, must make some effort to finish the one I’m making.

IMG_0999 IMG_0996 IMG_0995

We also had an unexpected visitor join our class. This quilter was making the ‘stitching for Christmas’ quilt. She has made a lot more progress than me!!

2010_11_044So this is a update of our progress.

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Berna said...

Er worden mooie log cabins gemaakt! Leuk dat je ons zo laat meegenieten van jullie vorderingen. Goed weekend.