Saturday, 20 November 2010

My mum had some surgery!

My mum had an operation last Tuesday. In total, she has had 4 operations in the last 10 years and 3 hip replacements. Sadly, she had to undergo a third operation on her left leg. Reason for this operation was to primarily alleviate the pain, replace the femoral ball and remove a large swelling. Most likely, fragments due to friction between the cup, which replaces the worn out hip socket, and the femoral ball, have encapsulated. This swelling/capsule had to be removed.  This was the cause of the pain and the difficulty sitting down and getting up. image

This time she got a cemented hip replacement. Do you want to know more about the procedure go here.  Hopefully the swelling won’t come back now the femoral ball and stem have been replaced.

The first couple of days she will be depend on others. So I’m going to be a caregiver/carer.  A Carer is someone who has the responsibility for providing or arranging care for someone else who is not able to care for him or herself. A carer is someone who is not paid for the care they provide. 

What can I expect: I will primarily assist in the shopping, meal preparation, general housekeeping, and assisting with those d…. stockings (pantyhose). I don’t think my nursing experience will be needed. Actually, she is already very independent, after only four days. Amazing how quickly one recovers from surgery and a hip replacement. Mum can already get in and out of bed by herself, go to the bathroom by herself and dress herself. She is also able to walk a short distance: up and down the hospital corridor on the orthopaedic ward.

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Sadly, she has to stay in hospital a little longer as the wound, isn’t healing as quickly as expected. Also her blood pressure was a little low the first two days. And, she felt rather nauseous and was throughing up a couple of times. I’ll spare you further details, but I was a little worried for a while. But all is well now. Monday she will be discharged and my care-giving days will start. At this rate, she will playing golf again soon.

The next couple of days/weeks I will be posting less frequently. But who knows, I might find time some time, to give an update on mine goings on. 


Helena said...

health of your mom!!!

Berna said...

Beterschap voor je moeder!