Sunday, 7 November 2010

Burglar proof

Hubby installed some extra cameras so that we won’t be surprised by burglars attempting to get in. If the burglar tries again, we will have a photo of him smiley

But before this is possible you have to improvise. The cable needs to be brought from one side of the house to the other side. So this is what my room looked like.


As I don’t like cables laying around in sight, they had to go behind the Billy bookcases. Which we had to move away from the wall a little. This is what happens, when you don’t do it properly. The books fall out!!!


And then you have to put them back in. One by one. But remaining positive. I came across some books I haven’t read yet blushing_smiley


This is what you can now see when looking at the monitor. We will be watching you, without you knowing icon_wink .


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Berna said...

Jullie hebben het nu goed voor elkaar. Er komt niemand meer ongezien aan/in jullie huis.