Sunday, 3 October 2010

Squash soup

I made a delicious soup Friday evening. Words can’t describe how great this soup tasted.

IMG_0462After many years of waiting, I was finally able to find some squash at our local supermarket. 

IMG_0463 I love squash & pumpkin.

IMG_0464The only hard part is chopping up the squash. Luckily Hubby assisted in chopping it to pieces. You can also see some onion skins between the waste. There is also some fresh ginger there.


IMG_0466I improvised with the vegetable stock. I used  the low-salt cubes. 

IMG_0467 While in England, I bought BBC GoodFood magazine. I love this magazine. Might check it out if they deliver to the Netherlands. You can also find the recipe here

IMG_0468 I ate some baked squash before I tipped them into the pan to whiz them to a smooth substance. I definitely need a new hand blender!!

IMG_0469Looking good!!

IMG_0470 Lime, definitely don’t forget them. Just drizzle some juice over de soup before serving.

IMG_0471I had to take a little break while preparing, as the coconut milk in the cupboard was a little over due. A quick ride to the supermarket was necessary.  Luckily the supermarket is open till 8 pm. This is how it looks after adding the coconut milk.

IMG_0472I had three bowls of soup, because it was soooooooooo delicious. 


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