Friday, 1 October 2010

lesson 2

It is hard to believe but yesterday evening we had our second lesson in making a log cabin quilt.

My first block is completed!!

IMG_0448I was a little curious how many I still have to make. …… I just ran downstairs to get the book. A little out of breath, but I’m back behind the computer. Well I’ve counted how many blocks are in this quilt!! 48 log cabin blocks plus 6 house log cabins. Still have a way to goicon_wink By the way, I didn’t count the border blocks!!

We had a visitor participating in our class today. She brought her log cabin quilt with her for ‘show & tell’.  Beautiful quilt.

2010_09_30_les log cabin 2

For some people the log cabin block was a challenge. Aagje, ‘our teacher’, had to show again how it was done. This time I wasn’t the one that was lagging behind because the pattern was too complex battingeyelash_smiley . Message for new readers of this blog. I had some difficulty with the feathered star quilt last season. This is one of the many PhD’s* laying around.

2010_09_30_les log cabin 21

In the collage above, you can see some beautiful works in development.

* PhD’s = Projects half Done

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Berna said...

Je eerste blok is erg mooi geworden Helen! De kleuren vind ik ook zo mooi. En als je elke les nou met een blok komt dan heb je na 3 maanden al 6 blokken klaar! Zo moet je jezelf maar stimuleren. De log cabin van de aanschuifster bij jullie les is ook heel mooi. Voornamelijk het patroon vind ik mooi.