Friday, 17 September 2010

Patchwork & quilt lesson

It seems that some readers just can’t contain their anticipation. I had only just posted my previous blog, when I received an e-mail asking if I had been to the patchwork & quilt class last night. winking0071

Yes, yesterday evening after having enjoyed a relaxing massage in the afternoon, I went to the first patchwork & quilt class for this autumn. Just before I had packed the car to leave, one of the quilters phoned letting me know she wasn’t coming tonight. If you read this, I want you to know you were surely missed. Hope to see you soon.

Anyway, we are going to make a log cabin quilt. Here is an impression of the fabrics the other quilters choose.

2010_09_16_quilt class 1 And these are mine underneath.  Do you recognize them yet?


Our teacher presented some of the different kind of quilts you can make, using the log cabin pattern. 

2010_09_16_quilt class 11

If you want to know a little about the history of the Log cabin Quilt, visit this site. As you may remember, I’m going to make the Kentucky Log Cabin. Can’t wait to see it finished. According to one of the other quilters (my dear friend Mirjam) this will be sometime around 2025!


This 160 x 200 cm quilt has three patterns. The basic Log cabin, around the border the courthouse log cabin & the house blocks.


I don’t understand the instructions in the book. Luckily our teacher can always simplify things. After some instructions we were on our way. 

2010_09_16_quilt class 12

As you can see we are really busy. No laziness during patchwork & quilt lesson.

2010_09_16_quilt class 13

Not everyone has thought of which pattern to use. In the picture above, you can see Matty designing her own creation.

The nicest thing I heard all evening was that I have chosen a real easy pattern.  I definitely have enough fabric , don’t have to go out to buy more at short notice. But this was the relaxer statement; I don’t have to worry about which order I use the fabrics as long as one side is light (crème fabrics) & the other side is dark (red fabrics).  By the way, we were told that these blocks represents log cabins on the prairie with red centre squares for the hearth, light values on one side for the sunny side of the house and dark values on the opposite side for the shady side of the house. Isn’t that sweet? Just to be me, I have a black hearth, representing the fire that has gone out. For psychologists this is an interesting choice I have made, considering my state of mind.

There are numerous log cabin variations:

image basic log cabin

image courthouse steps

 image pineapple

These are only a few.

I think I might like the log cabin the best. So far, after one evening, I think this is going to be easy. I don’t need too many challenges in my life at the moment. blushing_smiley So looking forward to picking this up.


Berna said...

Sorry dat ik zo ongeduldig was hoor ;) Maar leuk om te lezen over je eerst les van het seizoen. En wat jammer nou dat je voldoende stof hebt! Wordt je zomaar weer een uitje door de neus geboord. Ga je deze quilt met de hand naaien of met de machine deze keer? Ben erg benieuwd hoe je te werk gaat maar ik zal geduldig op de verslagen op je blog wachten, LOL.

JW said...

Looks like Mirjam is an optimist ;-) :-P

Mirjam said...

Dear Helen, ik heb een idee...voor volgend seizoen is hij af, ik zal helpen, samen snijden en stikken en we laten iedereen versteld staan, JW en die vriendin die verkeerd voorspelt (oh ME??) Maar mag ik ook een huisje maken, please? Mirjam