Tuesday, 21 September 2010


For some days now I’m losing my thimble while quilting. Am I losing some weight? Or is it just my fingers that are getting slimmer? I have three thimbles, sizes 17, 16.5 and 16. Today I got a new thimble, as size 16 is too big.


And I got a aqua trickmarker.  I’m going through a lot of them at the moment as I draw lines and quilt patterns on Zoë’s quilt to guide me while quilting.


Berna said...

Stiekum denk ik dat je het wel fijn vindt je vingerhoed af en toe te verliezen. Ben benieuwd wat je van die siliconen vingerhoed vindt. Het schiet al aardig op he je quilt van Zoë?

Ruth's Place said...

Zoe's quilt looks like it's coming along well.