Wednesday, 29 September 2010

I’ve build my first log cabin


To be truthful I’ve nearly build my first log cabin. I thought I had enough fat quarters but then I was forced to recount. Funny how I now count ten rows  and a couple of weeks ago I though I had enough fabric (8 reds & 8 crèmes). After recounting, I concluded that I needed two more reds and two more crème coloured fabrics.  I phoned Mirjam to converse how to solve this problem. Don’t you love that word? It is always good to have a quilting buddy nearby. Problem was solved in a jiffy.

So guess where we went to today? Yes, to Petra Prins Patchwork & Quilting in Zutphen. Luckily Gerda was there to help me.


I wasn’t the only one who bought stuff.

These are the fat quarters I bought.


Oops, I bought a little more then 4 fat quarters!! How many do you count? I also bought a nimble (a soft thimble) to use while patchworking. I let you know what I think of this notion.

The fabric is being washed at the moment, so won’t be completing my first log cabin tonight. Will however start with another block. Will complete both blocks when the washing has dried and the quarters are ironed. This is most probably tomorrow!


Berna said...

Wat heb je weer een mooie buit op de kop getikt bij Gerda. En ach, een lapje extra is nooit weg. ;) LOL

gerda said...

het zijn ook wel heel mooie kleuren die je gaat gebruiken!!!..het blok ziet er BEAUTIFUL uit!!!