Sunday, 5 September 2010

Day journal – part ?

Outside my window …


After two weeks of grey weather and lots of rain we are having an Indian summer. This is the view I have from behind my desk, while working on this post.

I am amazed….



with the clarity of these pictures. Love butterflies. The zoom possibilities of my new camera are great.

I am thinking .... of the terrible smell I encountered yesterday afternoon while making a chocolate cake. I had added flour, cocoa, milk, butter, sugar, and….. ? …


to make something like this. I added the last ingredient, the eggs. I cracked the first egg on the edge of the bowl and emptied the egg above the contents. Then the smell hit me. The egg was rotten! Why hadn’t I, as taught during home economics, first crack the eggs open in a separate bowl?

So no chocolate cake for us. Hubby helped to clear the rotten egg and all the other contents as I was nearly throwing up. This was one bad baking session. Coming Friday I get another go, I’m going to make a Pavlova.

I am thankful for ...... the lovely weekend I’m having. Friday night I went out for a date with hubby. Just the two of us. We had a lovely time and a delicious meal. Saturday afternoon my sister and her family popped over for a quick visit. It was a stopover, as they were going to a birthday party in Heemstede. In the evening I had another lovely diner out with a good friend. I love our conversations. Conclusion for the night ‘nothing is as it seems’.

I have decided….. to donate some money to our national heart foundation and the Dutch cancer society. Why? Because these diseases effect our lives in so many ways.

I am wearing ..... my PJ’s

I am loving .... these sky views



I am hoping .... for another day in the swing.


I am drooling over .... the fabrics I bought last Friday.


I have self diagnosed myself …..  I am a workaholic. Approximately 5 percent of Dutch workers are workaholics. They work more hours, just like passionate employees, but are distinguished from the latter by their compulsive behaviour, therefore feel stressed and can’t let go. 
Which therapy should I take? To remain positive, I’m rather unique. There are only 5 percent of us!

I am sorely tempted by ...... breakfast. I haven’t had any yet. Although that isn’t completely true. I did have a lovely bowl of summer fruit.


I am hearing ...... "Dixie Chicks" in my head.

On my mind ….. work. I decided last Friday not to do any work anymore in the weekends. However, I’m tempted to look at my Blackberry as I’m expecting some requests from colleagues. But I know my work is never done, I have to accept that there aren’t enough hours in a day to get it all done. Working in the weekends doesn't solve my problem. But why do I feeling so guilty? I know rationally that it won’t solve my problem if I work today. Just proves I’m an workaholic, doesn’t it? For some distraction, I think I will go and do some ironing. But first some breakfast.

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