Sunday, 12 September 2010

The bucket list

I might need to make my own bucket list. Creating and achieving your bucket list is about deciding what you really want - which means setting goals-, as well as planning, budgeting, and then taking the necessary steps to accomplish your goals. The last part, taking action, includes incorporating habits and routines into your daily life.

My work is taking over my life and it is definitely not making me happy. It is not giving me any joy. I’m working longer hours than ever, juggling multiple tasks and project. I’m overwhelmed by my workload and am unable to keep things under control. At least it doesn’t feel as if I’m in control. The tasks & duties I face everyday are more than I can (and want to) handle. 

I’m in a lock down at the movement. I need to recess my working life. I need to set some time aside to create my bucket list and stop putting off my dreams for "someday".

Just watched ‘the bucket list’, the movie.


This is me in the ‘home theatre’. Drinking a latte macchiato & having some cake with whipped cream.

This movie is a real tear jerker, but also inspirational.

Halfway through the movie Carter says to Edward when overlooking the pyramids. When you die you're asked two questions, and your answers determine whether or not you'll get into heaven:
1. Have you found joy in life?
2. Has your life brought joy to others?

Sadly, I’m having a hard time answering these questions. I thought I had found joy and brought joy to others. But the past months have made me re-evaluate my answers. I’m not finding any joy from my work.

The song at the end of the movie gave some insight.


I think I need to choose what I want and say it out loud. This is going to be my biggest challenge, say no to what others want from me and say yes to what I want and to that which inspires me.

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Lorraine said...

Helen....I see where you are coming from...striking that work / life balance is hard! ..we all need to take time out to reassess and find a comfortable place that suits us.....good luck with the bucket list. I have just decided I will travel in 2012 and have taken the first steps to achieving that - started a "holiday" account to put part of my pay in each fortnight. It's a start!