Saturday, 21 August 2010

Lazy Saturday

My day started trying to read the newspaper.


Sadly, the paperboy had delivered the wrong one. But I’m not to be deterred, although it is a little difficult if Teddy wants to read too.

After the grocery shopping I went to pick up my altered skirt. It needed to be taken in! It seems I might be losing some weight!

When I had returned the postman had left a nice package behind.


The last two issues of Australian Homespun were delivered. Hubby left something behind too.  A new cd. I love Anne Murray. I don’t think many know her here in the Netherlands, but I grew up with her songs. She has a distinct kind of voice that you can recognize anywhere. I even knew when I heard Dawn Langstroth for the first time, that this had to be her daughter singing. Beautiful singers.

But back onto the subject, isn’t it great to be able to look through the Homespun issues while having a Latte Macchiato and not worry that you will be late for a appointment.


Hubby was in a DIY ‘home improvement’ mood this week. I really like this corner of the kitchen. The ‘kroken’ ceiling-mounted utensil rack from IKEA looks great. At least I think so. Might need some additional frying pans! Two small ones, that would look even better. 


Next week I will be helping at the annual Starting Day in Putten. The quilt season is starting up again, after a long summer break. I will be assisting people in their fabric choice. So if you haven’t found the right fabrics for your quilt project yet, do come over as Riek, the shop owner, will be giving a 25% discount. This discount is only available on Saturday, the 28th of August.

I think I will leave you with this last picture over Zoë’s Quilt


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Ruth's Place said...

Love your new kitchen rack. And Zoe's quilt is coming up beautifully.