Sunday, 15 August 2010

Going to take action!

Pondering on…. the letter I received last Friday. End of last year I wrote myself a letter, as the last assignment for the NLP course I followed. This letter contained my sought after dreams. It is hard to read the letter and again be confronted with the fact that I’ve lost my MOJO. I’ve lost something and however hard I try to get it back, I’m slowly realizing that I’ve really lost it. I need to change something and even this I’m finding hard to do. 

I am remembering... how I wanted to do research for the book I wanted to write about loss & bereavement. I also remember saying I was going to finish quilting Zoë’s Quilt. I remember achieving the first goals I set out to do.  Than a live changing advent took place and now I’m doing things that don’t give me any fulfilment.  I’m getting away from the things that I enjoy doing and that give me satisfaction.

I’m going to….. find an ‘outside agent’ to help me make a change. 

I am reading …..  image Actually I should say I’m going to continue reading this book. I’m also going to talk to my HR-manager. I’m too involved with my work. I’m too affected about the lack of management. I’m trying real hard to focus on what I can do. I’m trying to be proactive and determine which issues I can influence. I’m going to address the things I can do something about. Why? My job is slowly effecting my health and wellbeing.

My picture journal….


I was feeling a little under the weather yesterday. Still don’t feel my old self. Hubby was so kind to get his duvet, which is nice and warm.


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