Monday, 12 July 2010

Working on my Medallion Quilt

Dear readers, I'm slowly getting my MOJO back. The reason is most like because I've decided to have some ME-time. I'm doing my best not to be distracted by things going on outside my little world. It helps having a vacation. It helps that I've hidden away my BlackBerry. It also helps having the most fantastic weather. It is really summer here in the Netherlands.

Don't get the idea that it is sunny & hot all the time, as today we had rain, thunder & lightening, and even a little hail. So what to do. Unpack all my stuff and get started.


Nice clear table, you guessed right, I haven't started yet.


Nearly another row of flying geese completed. Making lots of flying geese.


Sorry, flash went on as it is pretty dark outside. The rain is poring down! As I don't have a very flashy sewing machine, you see that I sometimes draw some guiding lines on the fabric, this way I know the block will turn out just as it is meant too.


This is the fun part. Cutting, when you have just sewn something together.

As mentioned in a previous post. The flying geese will be a border around the center part of the Medallion quilt. In the picture underneath is the center part of the Medallion quilt. Still have a long way to go before this quilt is finished.


While sewing the idea came to me that I need some more fabric for the outside block border. I don't have enough 'old pink'! The outside border will have 24 blocks!! So guess where I need to go.

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