Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tuesday update

I've been admiring some swans that have settled nearby my home for sometime. This morning I had a pedicure planned and drove by them again and thought I really must take my camera with me. 

Getting a pedicure and foot massage is one of the perks of having a job. I cancelled my previous appointment (in March) when job security was at its low. As you can see I also had a French pedicure. Don't my feet look neat?

IMG_5554Any how, back to the subject, I drove home to get my camera as I will need to show you where I've been. I also picked up my  Medallion Sampler quilt.

Here is mama & papa swan and their children.  When driving to that mysterious place, I saw that they had just gotten into the water. Luckily I was able to park my car nearby and quickly take these pictures.

IMG_5542 IMG_5543Papa swan (or was it mama swan) wasn't too impressed with me. Luckily for them, I couldn't come to close.

After an hours drive I arrived at this town. I think some of you will recognize it.

 IMG_5545 IMG_5546

IMG_5547 IMG_5548

IMG_5549 IMG_5550


Yes, this is Zutphen. It has been sometime since I've been to Petra Prins, the quiltshop. Which is most likely the reason why I got lost twice! Twice, I had to ask which way to go to the Vaaltstraat. A little out of breath and sweaty (yes, it is sunny and 26 degrees Celsius) I finally found it.

IMG_5552I had to keep an eye on my watch as the parking meter was running. I tried to go incognito (trying to conceal my identity) but failed. Petra Prins recognized me straight away. The lady that helped me didn't at first, but than I wrote down my name (as I also ordered a kit) and all of a sudden I was this ''known'' person.

This is the sweet lady who assisted me. Sorry I didn't ask her name.


This is what I bought in Zutphen. I didn't only shop at Petra Prins :) I also bought two milk pitchers and a coffee to go for me.

IMG_5557 IMG_5559

I bought these lovely fabrics at Petra Prins and two quilt books. The books are to prepare me for the next quilt course. Coming fall we are going to make a Log Cabin quilt. I haven't yet chosen the color scheme or pattern. The books are to provide me with some ideas.

On the way back home I drove through our lovely country side and sang out-loud in the car. Love these little trips by myself. Yes, I'm happy & content.

Quickly dropped into the dry-cleaners to pick up Hubby's suit & my skirt, but as they weren't open yet, I let myself be distracted.

I also bought this.

IMG_5556 Yes, it is an Ice Swatch.

How am I going to explain this??


Debby said...

Die aardige vrouw bij Petra Prins is Gerda van http://kijkdaaris.web-log.nl/kijk_daar_is/. Mooie lapjes heb je gekocht!

Groetjes Debby

Artist Within said...

Just love your blog. Happened upon it and noticed you are in the netherlands. I'm in California but my husband is dutch and his grandparents were from holland. By the way loved the watch!